Missouri Analytical was founded by Jack Marcus in 1965. At the time, Jack – a chemical engineer – was 55 years of age and had been working for many years as a consultant to pharmaceutical companies, specializing in how to remain compliant with the regulatory requirements of the day. With his experience and professional network, Jack felt the time was right to open his own lab. He was motivated to do better for the industry by independently performing the tests they needed to remain in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Along with his wife Gertrude, a few dedicated employees – namely Palmer Goins & George Ashworth – and the assistance of suppliers who told Jack to “buy what you need; pay us when you can!” Jack started the lab in a small space just up the street from our current location. His idea caught on, and before long a steady stream of customers was sending samples.

It wasn’t long before the fledgling company outgrew the original space. As luck would have it, a larger space nearby became available nearby, and in 1967 the move to 1820 Delmar was made. We’ve been there ever since.

As the number of samples grew, so did the number of employees. We’re proud to say that we’ve been employing local chemists for 50 years; and, with our conservative management style, we’ve never had a lay off. Some of our employees have been with us almost since the beginning; many others have spent the majority of their careers here. The value our scientists provide is highly appreciated, and is reciprocated by the company, providing a collegial working environment and stability for both our employees and our customers.

Now in its 50th year, Missouri Analytical remains a family-run business, currently managed by the second & third generations. We continue to progress and grow: in recent years we’ve invested heavily in making the lab a modern, efficient operation to manage our ever-increasing sample stream. We’ve purchased state-of-the-art HPLC & UPLC equipment, allowing us to offer our customers the latest in separation techniques. We continue to hire highly qualified individuals who understand both the technology and the demands of a QC environment.

OUR DEEPEST PRIDE comes from the trust and confidence that our customers place in the work performed by our lab. We will continue to invest, grow & strive to exceed their expectations.